Rules & Regulation


Tournament Rules and Regulations:

  • The tournament would be played on League + Knockout basis. All matches will be played on Turf wickets, and the format will be twenty over cricket. However, the tournament committee reserves the right to shift the venue or revise the format under unavoidable circumstances.
  • In case of any request for change of venue or date/s, the concerned team will have to submit a fee of Rs.3000 for each & either of the requests. Decision to accept or reject the request will remain under the sole rights of the organising committee. The sole authority to decide to charging/waive off the fees remains with the organising committee.
  • There will be NO REFUND OF FEES for teams that confirm participation and then cancel their participation before/after the tournament starts. REFUND OF FEES will be provided to those teams that DO NOT GET AN ENTRY INTO THE TOURNAMENT.
  • The participating team must pay the entire entry fees communicated to them/manager/captain before the commencement of the tournament. In case of delay or non-payment of the entry fees, the organising committee holds the rights to charge interest on the team/management at 5% annual rate of interest from the due date. The organising team can also take necessary legal actions under the state jurisdiction and the expenses also to be borne by the defaulted team/manager/captain.
  • Any team wanting to discontinue in midway of the tournament will have to pay double the entry fees of the tournament considering the losses that the organising committee will have to bear due to the same. In case the same is not paid the organising committee holds the rights to take necessary legal actions against the defaulted team/manager/captain along with charging interest at 5% annual rate of interest since the day the team opted out. All the legal charges also to be paid by the defaulted team.
  • For any matches getting cancelled due to rain or under any other circumstances which are beyond the control of the organisation committee, the points to be divided amongst the effected team during the league matches. Organising committee holds the right to decide any change of date for conducting rematch, if & when required. For knockout matches result to be decided by Rule 12 (mentioned below). Only for Final match there will remain one reserve day post which again rule 12 to be implemented.
  • All players should be employees of any organization or from a group of Companies from a parent organization. Each team will be required to furnish the names of the players along with valid photo IDs during the time of registration.
    Last date of submission of registration will be announced as per the schedule of the tournaments. In absence of registration form, the Organizing committee will have all the rights to cancel the inclusion of the team for the said tournament. 
  • Tournament committee have the right to request for additional ID proofs if the submitted ID proof being found suspicious or being challenged by any of the opponent teams. 
  • For any complaints the complainant team must register the complaint submitting a fee of Rs. 2000. The organising committee will do a fair investigation. If the objection stands valid organising committee will act against the accused team which can be through deduction of points and awarding the same to the complaining team or a rematch. For knockout matches the complainant team may even get of verdict of awarding the match in favour of them if the objection stands valid. The decision to be solely taken by the organising committee and the complainant team agrees to accept the same without any further legal/judicial actions.

In case the objection stands invalid there will be no refund of the complaint registration fees submitted during registering the complaint.

  • Corporate T20 matches will be played as per the weekly schedule/fixture given to the teams in advance by Organizing Committee. 
  • All players should only wear White dresses for red ball Matches and Coloured for White or Pink Ball Matches. Besides it would be compulsory for all the players to appear fully kitted with right protective equipment. This is mandatory to avoid the risk of injuries. Any players not doing so will not be allowed to play the match.
  • First aid kits will be available to treat any injuries sustained while playing. Organizing Committee will not be responsible or be liable for any injuries.
  • The teams must report to the scorer’s desk at least 30 minutes before the Scheduled start of their respective matches. 
  • If a team fails to report even after 30 minutes & 15 minutes of grace to the scheduled time, the opponents will be given a walk over. By the term ‘reporting’ it is intended that the captain should handover the list of players, be ready for the toss and should be ready to take the field as and when the umpires want them to.
  • If one team is ready and the other team is not ready to take the field at the scheduled start of play, the overs of the team not ready will be reduced at the rate of 1 over per 4 minutes of delay. The decision of umpires will be final in such an event.
  • Irrespective of which team is batting first or second. The team which was ready will get their full quota of overs. If both teams report late at the venue, then umpire might call off the match or deduct overs of the match.
  • Umpires hold the authority to reduce the number of overs per innings in a match due to unavoidable circumstances like unfavourable weather conditions, wet outfield if it results in a delayed start of the match. The number of overs reduced will be 1 over per 8 minutes delayed start.
  • Each team should nominate a minimum of 25 and maximum of 30 players who would represent in the particular tournament players. Only registered players will be permitted to participate i.e., a total of 18 players per team. In the event of any serious injuries and the player cannot continue with the tournament, Replacements will be considered with prior written notice given to the organizing team. (Minimum 1 week before the team's next game).
  • The organising committee holds the rights to declare any player as banned from their tournaments. In case the banned player is found to be played for any of the team, the opponent team will be declared as winner without any further discussions or intimations.
  • If any team is found playing any players from the segment (ex under 18, current or past CAB registered player, other state’s player) which is not allowed, the organising committee may declare the opponent as winner or conduct a rematch which is under the sole discretion of the organising committee.
  • Any deliberate attempt to risk the reputation of the tournament/organising committee by any team member/s of the team (playing/non playing), will call for necessary legal actions along with penalising the team/management/individual for the act which is to be decided solely by the organising committee.
  • Any deliberate attempt/in actual to destroy or harm any of the properties of the organising committee or of which the organising committee is responsible for by any team member/s of the team (playing/non playing), will call for necessary legal actions along with penalising the team/management/individual for the act which is to be decided solely by the organising committee. The team/management/individual will also have to bear the entire loss which is to be communicated by the organising committee.
  • Teams will have to submit the playing 11 + 1 (impact player) at the scorer’s desk at least 15 minutes before the commencement of toss.
  • Impact player is allowed as per the rules of the IPL.
  • A substitute will be allowed to replace a wicket keeper, if the earlier wicket keeper is injured and not in position to keep wickets for the team, but that the umpire should control the situation to prevent abuse.
  • Minimum 5 overs are required to constitute a match. If a match being called off without the minimum required overs being bowled, the winner should be decided by the Rule 12. (Rule 12 in an order according to ground conditions)

Rule 12

  • Step 1: One over Eliminator. If the result is tied or it is not possible, the winner shall be decided by Step2.
  • Step 2 - Bowl out Method. If the result is tied or it is not possible, the winner shall be decided by 
  • Step 3 - By Spin of a Coin.
  • If a game is stopped due to bad light or bad weather, or due to any unavoidable reasons beyond the control of tournament committee, the revised targets will be calculated according to Duckworth-Lewis’s method. In case the team batting second could not complete a minimum of 5 overs, the winner shall be decided by Rule 12 (Refer rule 12 above) In case, the team batting second has completed 5 overs and further play is not possible, the winner shall be decided by Duckworth-Lewis Method. In case a match is tied between two teams, the winner shall be decided by rule 12, Step 1 will apply. 
  • In case the team batting second could not complete a minimum of 5 overs, the winner shall be decided by Rule 12 (Refer rule 12 above)
  • In case, the team batting second has completed 5 overs and further play is not possible, the winner shall be decided by Duckworth-Lewis Method. In case a match is tied between two teams, the winner shall be decided by rule 12, Step 1 will apply.
  • If a game is stopped due to bad light or bad weather, or due to any unavoidable reasons beyond the control of tournament committee, the revised targets will be calculated according to Duckworth-Lewis’s method.
  • No bowler will be allowed to bowl more than 1/5th of the total overs in an innings. The balls to be used will be the ones provided by only the Tournament Committee. During the power play overs, if the ball goes out of the ground, it will have to be replaced with new ball. Once the match ball is available, umpires shall bring back the match ball into play after the end of that over. Change of ball during play will be at the sole discretion of the umpires.
  • The wicket keeper can bowl during the same innings, after one over is bowled between his keeping and bowling. 
  • Teams will have no choice in the appointment of the umpire. The umpire may only be changed at the discretion of the tournament organizer.
  • There will be 2.5 -minute drinks break after the completion of 6 overs in both innings. Another 2.5 minutes break after completion of 14 Overs. A 10-minute break would be allowed to the two sides between changes of innings.
  • FREE HIT for all types of No Ball will be employed for the tournament.
  • During the Power play overs (first 6 overs of both innings) only two fieldsmen shall be permitted outside the fielding restriction area (30-yard circle) at the instant of delivery. During the non- Power play overs, not more than 5 fieldsmen shall be allowed outside the fielding restriction area.
  • If a batter gets caught in the middle of an over, the next batter will automatically get the strike regardless of the two batters have crossed or not. This crossing rule used to create a lot of confusion and now it is completely lifted.
  • Law 22.1 is revoked which means that wide calls will “apply to where the batter is standing, where the striker has stood at any point since the bowler began their run-up, and which would also have passed wide of the striker in a normal batting position”.
  • Law 41.16, which pertains to the “non-striker leaving his/her ground early,” states: “If the non-striker is out of his/her ground at any time from the moment the ball comes into play until the instant when the bowler would normally have been expected to release the ball, the non-striker is liable to be run out.”
  • A runner for a batsman when batting is not permitted. 
  • The umpires shall have the discretion to allow, for other wholly acceptable reasons, a substitute fielder to act for a nominated player, at the start of the match, or at any subsequent time.
  • No player can play for more than one team in the Tournament. Also, the player must have played at least one league match failing which he would not be allowed to play in knockouts.
  • The scoring will be done on cricheroes app for the entire tournament until & unless being faced with some technical challenges or other unavoidable circumstances to score otherwise.
  • Qualified and professional panel Umpires will be posted for this tournament. On the field during play the decision of the umpires would be final and binding on all players.
  • Protests, if any should be lodged only by the team captain or manager within 2 hours after the completion of the match with a fee of INR 1000/-, refundable only if the protest is found to be valid
  • Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited in and around the Playing Zone. Teams found guilty of this will be suspended immediately from the whole tournament. 
  • No spiked footwear shall be permitted while batting, bowling or fielding.
  • Organizing Committee will not be responsible for participants own belongings / loss of any valuables. 
  • Any player below the age of 18 is not allowed. He has to be min 18years old on the date of the first match played by him. 
  • The tournament committee reserves the right to frame/ change/ modify any of the rules at any stage of the competition if found necessary.
  • Except for the rules specified above," ICC - The Laws of Cricket - 2000 code" shall apply for all other incidents during the matches.
  • Players who are currently playing for List A, First Class, T20, IPL or any State Level categories (1st Div or 2nd Div for CAB) anywhere in India or abroad will not be permitted to participate in this tournament.
  • Knights United Cup is meant for entertainment and creating harmony among corporates in Kolkata. Any team officially registered with CAB or any of its affiliated district cricket associations and participating in affiliated association leagues will not be granted entry into Knights United tournaments.







Penalty Criteria:

  • Both teams should be able to bowl the last ball of the last of their 20 overs within 1 hr 20 minutes playing time or rescheduled overs within the stipulated time. Allowance of any grace timing will be under the sole discretion of the on-field umpire/umpires. Once the time is over, innings will be suspended, and the penalty will be applicable in the following manner:
  • The Batting Team will be awarded runs that will be added to their total score as per below equation: (2* Current Run Rate * No. Of Overs Remaining to be completed).
  • If the side batting second is awarded runs in this way and this consequently taken their score past that of the side batting first, then the match shall be deemed to be won by the team batting second.
  • The deliberate act of the batting side to waste time like by taking drinks, unnecessarily changing equipment may be considered as time-consuming and the Umpires decision regarding this will be final. However, the time lost for retrieving the lost ball, injury time if any, will be accounted by umpires for the calculation of slow over rate.

Procedure for One-Over Eliminator

  • The team batting second in the match will bat first in the One-Over Eliminator.
  • The fielding captain or his nominee shall select the ball with which he wishes to bowl his over in the ‘One-Over Eliminator’ from the box of spare balls provided by the umpires. Such box to include the balls used in the main match, but no new balls.
  • The team fielding second may choose to use the same ball as selected by the team bowling first.
  • The loss of two wickets in the over ends the team’s one over innings.
  • In the event of the teams having the same score after the One-Over Eliminator has been completed, the team hitting the maximum number of boundaries (only boundary 4’s and boundary 6’s) combined from its two innings in both the main match and the One-Over Eliminator shall be the winner.
  • If the number of boundaries hit by both teams is equal, then the winner will be decided by spin of a coin. 

Group Standings and Qualifications:

  • The rankings of the teams in each group shall be determined in the following manner:
  • Higher number of points obtained in the group matches
  • Superior Net Run Rate
  • Head-to-Head result.
  • If everything identical, then a toss will decide who goes through.


The umpire's decision during a game is final. No dispute, written or otherwise, will alter the result.

The umpire will be the sole judge of fair and unfair play.

The captain of the fielding side or the batter at wicket may query an umpire's decision. Once the umpire has replied, any further talking to, at or about the umpire, or their decision, may be penalized. The sole rights for taking the decision remains in the hands of the organising committee.

A serious gesture or words or action from the players side will result in the player getting ‘sent-off’ for the rest of the match & this player will ‘miss’ his next 2 matches as well.

In case of arguments on field. No substitutes or manager will be allowed to rush onto the field.

Teams that cause excess problems on field and off field will be disbarred from the tournament with immediate effect.

Any debatable decisions will be discussed between the umpires on field and decisions will be taken.

The umpires may do an identity check of the player to nullify the risk of any teams playing with the payers who are not allowed as per the rules of the tournament.

The documents to be considered for registering a player are as follows:

  1. Passport
  2. Voter Id
  3. Driver’s license

If a participant provides a passport he will be cleared immediately. The passport must be valid at the time of registration.

t for participant provides a driver’s license the committee reserves the right to verify the same via app such as digi locker and e parivahan. The committee will surely verify the authenticity of the driver’s licence.

aadhaar card will not be accepted under any circumstances whatsoever.

in case of any other documents that can only be considered with additional documents as required and instructed by the organising committee.

In order to be eligible to play in the knockout stages of the tournament every player needs to play at least one league match the capacity of a playing 11 member. adjusted appearance in case of a walkover received will not be accepted as an appearance in a league match.

players who have played cab super/First Division cricket during this season's of 2021/22, 2022/23 & 2023/24 Will not be allowed to participate in the tournament.

All ICL, IPL, international and first-class cricketers who have played competitive cricket in this season 2018-19, 2019-20,2020-21,2021-22,2022-23 Will not be eligible to play for the tournaments.

any participant with physical or mental ailments that can be detrimental to personal or social well-being must provide the organizing committee with an appropriate medical clearance certificate. The organising committee undertakes no responsibility in case of any mishap due to the ailments mentioned above during a match situation.

Protest : in case of any protest the protesting team will have to deposit ₹2000 as a protest fee along with player’s name and his picture and all other relevant documents. The organising committee will not be liable/responsible to share or produce any documents to the protesting team.

Arbitration : upon receiving the protest along with the protest fee and the protest form it is now the responsibility of the organising committee to open an investigation. The committee reserves the right to investigate the case and pass judgement based on the facts and visuals which were presented to the committee by its internal and external sources and the protesting team. any team challenging the authority of the committee will be disqualified from the tournament the grounds of bringing the organising committee to disrepute without any return of money or entry fees.

Action : The points/match will be immediately awarded to the protesting team if the protest found or deemed to be correct. in case the protest stands void/incorrect there will be no refund of the protesting fee that the team has paid already while registering their protest. In any special/exceptional cases the organising committee holds the rights to conduct a rematch. Incase if any of the team refuses to play the same the organising committee holds the right to avoid the points/match against the team which refuses.

Protest period : The window of protest will remain open till the knockout stages of the tournament. for any protest for the knockout matches, has to be registered within the 24 hours of the match getting completed.


Walkover penalty : any team offering a walkover will have to pay a mandatory fee of ₹10,000 within 48 hours of declaring the walkover. Failure to do so will lead to instant removal from the tournament without any refund of money. In the event of both teams failing to report for the match the committee will reserve its rights to stringent actions which may Event disqualify both the teams without any refund of money.

The organizing committee reserves the right to dis-qualify any team that fails to up-hold the spirit of the game and abuses the sanctity of the premise they are playing within. If team player/members continuously argue with the umpire, display inappropriate behaviour or use any abusive language within the premise they are playing in, the entire team will be disqualified without refund of any fees.

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to amend the Rules at any time if it considers such action to be in the best interests of the competition. Committee holds the right to cancel any team for their misconduct / behaviour (Entry / Registration fee not refundable). 

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